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Thousands of students worldwide have achieved success by taking online English classes. Why not benefit from your own personal online English teacher?

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Learn English from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you by using Skype with Rose and Charlie, our online English teachers. Our English lessons are specifically tailored to you needs, and include materials and homework. Each lesson is one full hour online.

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Choose the amount of lessons you require and specify your needs. First you should try a free 20 minute introductory session. If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us to talk to Rose or Charlie, our online English teachers.

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Rose and Charlie Papworth are UK national and qualified English teachers with over 17 years experience. They have taught English both online and face-to-face throughout Europe. Rose's innovative teaching methods have won awards and been the subject of research.

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What Our Students Say

See what some of our students have said about our online English teaching in their testimonials:

I had the pleasure to meet her during my bachelor years at the Tsenov University, Svishtov, and later she helped me prepare for the TOEFL exam. Rose not only helped me to acquire the abilities I needed to gain enough scores for universities abroad, but also built confidence within me and helped me overcome a tough period. I am sure if you consider her as your teacher you will have a lot of fun and that is the right way, maybe the only way, to learn a language without being abroad.

- Seval, Denmark

Rose's excellent teaching methods have not only greatly helped me in obtaining a perfect grade in the Cambridge CAE, but have also allowed me to secure a place in one of the leading research universities in the UK. I believe Rose's teaching to be highly insightful for every student regardless of their level.

- Ivaylo Yonchev, University of Sheffield

As students we always seek for "the teacher" that will make a difference in our lives. I'm happy to say that, in my whole life's journey of searching for the teacher that will not only teach me my favourite subject but will be passionate about my own growth and knowledge, I finally found her. Thanks to Rose I gained more knowledge in English, confidence in myself and respect for the teaching profession.

- Jonelija Hjellvik, Bulgaria

Some Facts About Us

Hundreds of satisfied students!

Rose and Charlie, our online English teachers, have taught literally hundreds of students of all age groups, levels and backgrounds. Our private students have successfully improved their English language skill levels in their chosen areas, and the majority now live abroad and are employed in English-speaking countries, such as the UK. Our business clients have chosen to enhance and develop their English for a variety of reasons - business documentation, meetings, communication, correspondance and presentation skills, to name a few. What will you choose to do with English?

Hundreds of English exams taken successfully!

If English is your second language and you wish to study a programme in English at a University or work abroad in an English-speaking job, you will need to gain a high grade in IELTS, the CAE (Cambridge English) or TOEFL (ETS) exams. Both of these testing organisations recommend you practice with a native English speaker - especially for speaking and conversational skills, or for grading writing tasks. Many of our students from school and university have gone on to study in the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands and now persue successful careers.

Award-winning online English teacher!

The UK Higher Education Academy's 2007 Teaching Award was presented at the New Engineering Foundation's Seminar and Award Ceremony at the Institute of Directors, London on January 9th 2008 to Rose Papworth for online learning and teaching in addition to, "her outstanding levels of student support". (Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre)

Questions & Answers

You choose what you need to study for - specific vocabulary or grammar, for a test or exam, or to improve specific functions and skills - such as giving presentations or essay-writing. Before buying your online English lessons, we recommend signing up for our free trial so that your needs can be discussed, try out our teaching system and talk to our online English teachers, Rose and Charlie. Your level of English should already be at around CEFR level B1, or lower intermediate, before you start - we have found that online English lessons are not suitable for complete beginners. If you are unsure of your level, try the free online test from Cambridge English. For more about our online English lessons, read more on our Lessons page.
You will be using Skype to talk to your online English teacher, Rose or Charlie, in a lesson. This will give us the best possible audiio and video quality in our lessons so that we can hear and see each other clearly. Skype is available for computers, tablets and mobile phones. You can download Skype for free from the Skype website.You will need a reliable Internet connection. When you have your free trial lesson, we can test your Internet connection to see if it's fast enough for online Skype English lessons.
Online English lessons are a financially economical and time saving way to learn because there is no travelling involved, and no travelling expenses. You can learn at work or at home, or wherever is most convenient for you.

Learning English online is great for students who want to learn the English language as quickly as possible. This might be for work or for an application to a university, or simply because they want to learn quickly. It is also perfect for students whose personal preference is to learn one-to-one rather than as part of a class. You will benefit from intensive learning: enabling you to learn quickly and effectively and reach your goals quicker. You will have personalised online English lessons at your level and pace with content and materials specifically prepared for your learning needs and learning style.

For students needing intensive revision practice before exams, online learning is perfect. Our online English teachers, Rose and Charlie, have been teaching students who need help with exams like IELTS for almost 17 years. This means they know the exams really well and can help you with the exam strategies you need to get a better score. Preparing one-to-one for an exam like IELTS or First Certificate is better than studying in a group classroom because you only focus on what you need to learn. It is also better than studying alone because it is almost impossible to effectively grade your own speaking and writing skills.

We will discuss your English learning objectives carefully at the trial lesson. We will talk about your experience and which elements of English you find difficult. This will help us to design an individualised online learning programme for you. You will also have the chance to do regular homework assignments after each online English class which you will recieve feedback and grades from before your next lesson. This can then be reviewed in the next class. Go to our Lessons page to read more.
To buy your online English lessons, go to the Pricing page. Firstly, we recommend registering for a free trial lesson - follow the link to the contact page and make sure you enter your email and Skype addresses. Select 'Free Trial Lesson' for the subject line and you can include preferred times and dates in the message box.

You will receive an email from Rose or Charlie, your online English teacher, which will include available times and days, and a confirmation. After we have discussed your needs and objectives, you can then go to the Pricing page or contact page and book the number of online English lessons you require.

If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

Some useful websites

The leading exams in English are developed and administered by Cambridge University (UK) and the Educational Testing Service (US).
Here are some links to the most popular exams:

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Talk to us and discuss what you want to study English online for. It could be taking an exam for access to University. You may wish to improve your business English for better career prospects. Perhaps you want a good level of English in order to live and work abroad. We will customise your online English lessons to the time you have available, your current level and where you aim to go!

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